Coming Soon

Latest News…The With or Without series has a new home.  Click here for more info…

Here is a sneak peek of upcoming releases. Please note that things are subject to change, but as it stands at the moment this is what I have coming up next. Please note, I’m working on getting all of my out of print titles back out as well as adding brand new titles to each series. For more detailed information on upcoming titles please check out my News & Notes.

My Highland Laird (Sci-Regency series)- coming in late 2019-early 2020

Sci-Regency #6 

The Tin Star (re-release/Ranch series)

The Broken H (re-release/Ranch series)

The Quad J (the Ranch series) 

With Caution (re-release/With or Without series)

With Abandon (re-release/With or Without series)

With Love (expanded re-release/With or Without series)

Without Secrets (With or Without series)